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About Us

First established in 2010 after seeing the opportunity to establish an online business for a neiche market, I have been able make the Nissan rb30 engine available to people around the world.

The rb30 engine is responsible for powering the Holden VL Commodore and Nissan R31 Skyline here in Australia, with other countries like New Zealand, Japan and South Africa also seeing these engines. The rb30 is a popular engine as it features a 3 litre capacity and the ability to use a twin cam cylinder head with very little modifications. The main benefit of using these engines is that it allows for more torque and horsepower for less work compared to other Nissan straight 6 engines like the rb20, rb25 and rb26.

I am also making the Ford Barra motor available. These are a 4 litre turbocharged straight 6 engine commonly found in the Ford XR6 Turbo here in Australia.

So with this in mind I thought it would be a great opportunity to sell these engines to anyone wanting something a little different and unique.

I am the sole person responsible for maintaining the website, sourcing engines, packing and shipping. Every aspect of the business is ran by myself so when you make contact with me, I will also be the same person that drops the engine off to the shipping port!