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The quickest and easiest way to obtain a shipping quote is to navigate to the worldwide customs & forwarding agents website, please click here to visit the site and please follow the information below to obtain a quote.

Step 1; Under the option Export Sea Freight Quote, select Door to Wharf and click Go.

Step 2; Select Brisbane for Location To Be Collected From and select your country for Destination Country.

Step 3; Pick the closest Destination Port that is closest to you. Once the engine arrives you will need to collect it from the shipping warehouse. Select 1 as number of Parcels.

Step 4; Use Length of 120 Width 120 Height 80cm and Weight of 150kg. These dimensions include the plastic pallet the engine will be strapped and wrapped on prior to shipping.  For a Barra engine, use weight of 300kg. Click Get Quote

Step 5; The shipping quote will be displayed with a breakdown of costs and approximate transit time.

After this, if you would like to proceed and buy an engine then please feel free to contact us. If you get a little lost during the quote or you cannot be bothered then also feel free to contact us with your country and state. I will be able to obtain a quote for you and forward it to you.

Please make contact with an import agent in your state to get a rough estimate on port handling and customs fees that you will be required to pay prior to collecting your engine. The above shipping quote is to have the engine sent from Brisbane Australia to your country only. It is not a final shipping quote and there will be other fees associated with importing an engine into your country.